USA Residency Process and Timeline

  • Stage 1

    Months 1-2

    STEP 1
    Engage law firm and fund retainer.

    STEP 2
    Complete application for I-526 form with the law firm.

    STEP 3
    Attorney submits Form I-526 EB-5 Application to USCIS.

  • Month 24-36

    STEP 4
    USCIS reviews I-526 (dependent on USCIS waitlist).

    STEP 5
    EB-5 Application (Form I-526) Approved.

  • Stage 2

    Additional 10-11 Months

    STEP 6
    Interview at US embassy or consulate with family (depending on Consulate Waitlist.)

    STEP 7
    Investor and family land in US under entry permit and walk out as Green Card holders.

  • Additional 24 Months

    STEP 8
    Compile proof of Residency and provide proof of investment.

    STEP 9
    Attorney submits Form I-829 to USCIS.

  • Additional 18-24 Months

    STEP 10
    USCIS reviews I-829 (dependent on USCIS waitlist).

    STEP 11
    EB-5 (Form I-829) approved with legal Permanent Residency.