UK Residency by Investment Time line

  • Stage 1 -

    Month 1-2

    STEP 1
    File preparation and submission. Application fees are due at this stage

    STEP 2
    Investment transfer by the applicant.

    STEP 3
    Upon receipt of funds, the bank issues a confirmation letter for assets verification, allowing the applicant to proceed to phase II.

  • Stage 2 -
    Visa Application

    Month 3-4

    STEP 4
    Application for Tier 1 visa is prepared and filed with UK Border Agency in applicant’s country of residence.

    STEP 5
    Applicant and family members must submit to biometrics at the UK Border Agency where visa application was filed.

  • Month 5-6

    STEP 6
    Once application is approved, applicant and family present original passports for visa labels to be stamped.

    STEP 7
    Upon landing in the UK, applicant must go to the bank to complete investment procedure.