Portugal Residency by Investment Time line

  • Stage 1 -

    Month 1-2

    STEP 1
    Visit the embassy of Portugal to attest the required list of documents or visit Portugal ahead.

    STEP 2
    Obtain tax number, open bank account and transfer funds for investment.

  • Stage 2 -
    Temporary residence

    Month 3-12

    STEP 3
    Submit application online (conducted by law firm through power of Attorney).

    STEP 4
    Submit application at SEF and collect biometric (travel to Portugal for 2 business days after online admission is obtained) .

    STEP 5
    Obtain final approval and subsequent in issuance of Residence cards.

    Renewals of the temporary residence permit are due at the end of year 1 and 3.

  • Stage 3 -
    Permanent Residence/ Citizenship

    Year 6

    Application for Permanent Residence or Citizenship can be lodged after successful completion of 5 years as a temporary resident and provided the application meets all the necessary requirements.