Canada Immigration Options: Investment Visa, Work Permit, and More

Every year, Canada accepts 350,000 immigrants. In 2021, that number will rise to 401,000. In the last few years, there’s been an astonishing rise in the number of Indian immigrants. Around 85,000 Indians migrated to Canada in 2019 – compared to around 38,000 in 2016. Canada PR is becoming a reality for most people in the country where 1.6 million people are Indians amongst its entire population of 37 million. 

There are multiple ways you can obtain Canada PR. A residence and citizenship advisor can help assess your options based on the requirements. Canada is a dream country for everyone – from students to investors. That’s why there are immigration options that can help any immigrate easily.

In this article, we will highlight the different immigration options available. Obtaining a Canada PR has never been easier with so many diverse options available. Let’s understand them in detail. 

Canada residency by investment is a perfect option to immigrate to the country than others. Here’s what makes the Canada investor visa and an excellent alternative to work and student visa.

Immigration Option 1: Express Entry Program

The express entry program covers three paths to get permanent resident status in Canada. They are – 

  • Federal Skilled Workers Program
    People who have specific skills in any occupation are included in the skilled class workers. Canada invites skilled workers from all over the world to fill economic gaps.
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
    People who are skilled in specific trades are included in this program. It includes contractors, supervisors, and other professionals who are associated with a specific trade.
  • Canada Experience Class
    People who have already worked in Canada as temporary foreign residents can apply to obtain Canada PR for this program as they are more likely to integrate into Canadian society.

Each program under Express Entry has certain requirements and eligibility criteria. There are categories for skilled workers and classes that the applicants need to match. Every applicant gets a score based on which they are selected to apply for the specific program.

Immigration Option 2: Canada work permit visa

This is a temporary visa given to immigrants that come to work in Canada. There are more than 180,000 people coming to Canada for work every year. They get a temporary foreign resident status. The work permit has an expiry date after which it needs to be renewed.

Foreign residents need to convert into permanent resident status for staying in Canada permanently. There is also the option for an open work permit, in which there’s no specific job or employer mentioned. The holder of the open work permit can work with any employer at any kind of job.

Work permit DOES NOT give you a permanent residency. For that, you need to apply under the experience class that will move you into the permanent resident status. 

Immigration Option 3: Business immigration

One of the most successful options for immigration is the Canada investment visa for Indian. There are multiple Canadian investment opportunities available to investors. You can apply under different programs and get a permanent residency by investment in Canada. 

  • Startup visa program
    Investors looking to establish their companies in Canada can apply under this program and obtain a permanent residency. Eligible entrepreneurs who want to start global companies can quickly get Canad PR by investment under the program.
  • Quebec Investor Immigration
    One of the easiest second residency programs for Canada, Quebec investor immigration enables investors to migrate to Canada for certain net worth. There are extremely limited requirements and eligibility criteria for moving to Quebec under the program.
  • Business investment program
    Also known as the entrepreneur program, the business investment program is the best path to Canada residency by investment. By investing in an existing business in Canada and creating certain jobs, investors can get their family permanent residency in the country.

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Why choose Investment Immigration?

Canada investment visas are increasing in popularity. The country now offers more benefits to investors as it wants to inject capital into the economy.

The minimum investment amount for a Canada investor visa is just CAD 200,000. When you invest in any active business outside the Greater Toronto Area, your family gets a permanent residency under the same application.

There’s the Ontario and British Columbia entrepreneur program as well, which allow investors to obtain a permanent residency by investment in the country. 

There are multiple benefits of investing in the Canada residency by investment program – 

  • Access to Canada’s economy
    Canada has one of the largest economies in the world. Investors can trade in stocks, debentures, bonds, and invest in established companies. Canada’s economy delivers the best profits across multiple industries.
  • World’s best healthcare
    Investors can give their families the world’s best healthcare with a permanent residency in Canada. As they can get quick PR in the country, they can enjoy the universal healthcare system. It is publicly funded and has some of the best doctors in the world.
  • Path to citizenship
    The permanent residency is renewable after every 5 years. After a couple of years, investors can apply for citizenship and get a Canadian passport by investment. Investors will get visa-free travel to 166+ countries, along with their families.

Conclusion: Which program should you choose?

The best program to immigrate with the family is Canada residency by investment. Under the same application, investors can migrate with their family of 4 members. 

However, people who want to immigrate under the Express Entry program must have certain skills. The eligibility criteria may not be the only factor. There are other things that the government considers while making the decision.

A Canada investment visa is a safe plan if you want to immigrate in the next year. My Global Citizenship™, India’s trusted residence and citizenship planner can assist you with migration to Canada under different immigration options. 

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