Celebrate a life filled with joie de vivre (joy of living) in the vibrant country of Spain; a country that boasts of a rhythmic culture, passionate lifestyle, and diverse landscapes. Gain access to the European Union through its very own cultural capital and experience life like never before.

Spain is one of the most popular destinations in Europe. Known for its friendly inhabitants, Flamenco fiestas, exquisite cuisine, and a relaxed lifestyle, getting residency in Spain introduces you and your family to a world of delightful experiences and artistic traditions.

Why Spain?


The benefits of becoming a resident by investment in Spain include:

 Become a resident of the vibrant city of Spain.

 Freedom to live and work in any of the 28 member countries of the EU.

 Easy visa-free travel to 160+ countries.

 Inclusion of family members in the program.

 Quality education at some of the world’s best universities.


Investment Options


Property acquisition

€ 500,000

Qualifying Requirements


For acquiring a Spanish residency by investment, there are a few basic requirements that need to be fulfilled. The program enables investors to become a resident without actually living in Spain. However, the investor visa needs to be renewed every two years. To qualify for residency, an investor must.

 Hold no criminal record.

 Have Spain private medical insurance.

 Have proof of earnings for investing €500,000 in real estate.


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