Located on the Balkan Peninsula, Montenegro is known for its picturesque landscape. From its coastal seas to resplendent mountains, this charming country is becoming one of Europe’s most sought-after luxury destinations. Famous for its Porto Montenegro, this yachting marina is home to some of the most sophisticated super yachts. Not only does the country attract some of the world’s most elite, but it is also home to an incredibly stable economy. While Montenegro is not officially a part of the EU, it is anticipated to receive EU membership by 2025.

Why Montenegro?


 Residency in just 3 months, with approval of citizenship in another 3-4 months.

 Visa-free travel to 100+ countries around the globe (including the EU).

 Citizenship in an EU candidate country and a NATO nation.

 Rapidly growing economy in a strategic geographic area.

 High quality of life in a stable economic and political system.

 Strategic geographical location in Europe with direct access to Adriatic  Sea.

 Porto Montenegro; one of the world’s finest yachting marinas.

 An outstanding holiday destination.


Investment Options


  Real estate investment.

€ 250,000:  underdeveloped region (north side).


€ 450,000: developed region (south side).

In addition to any of the above option, applicants must make contribution of € 100,000 in the form of government fund donation.

Qualifying Requirements


The Montenegro programs are one of Europe’s more recent, and innovative, options for residency and citizenship abroad. For citizenship following criteria should be meet:

 The applicant(s) must:

 Hold no criminal record.

 Be a citizen of a non-EU country.

 Make an economic contribution to the country.

 Show proof, and authentic source of funds.

 Possess a valid passport or another foreign travel document.

 Attest the power of attorneys and the investment agreement.


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