Malta is more than just an archipelago (yes! It’s not just one island!) in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea; it’s a hidden gem and definitely holds more adventures than most people know. It’s also famous having the best weather in the world! It’s always sunny, even in winter. The Malta Citizenship by Investment Program, also known as the Malta Individual Investor Programme (MIIP) is one of the most popular Citizenship by Investment programmes in Europe, as it comes with countless benefits.

Why Malta?


 Malta is recognized by EU Citizenship By Investment Programme.

 Visa-free travel to 168 destinations, including the US, Canada and UK.

 While you wait to get your Maltese passport on investment, you get your Schengen Residence status for 1 year prior to issue of passport, issued on application.

 Malta enjoys free public schools for children living both in Malta and Gozo. 


Investment Options


Contribution + Real estate + Govt Bond & Shares

650,00: Malta’s national fund contribution

(non refundable).


350,00: real estate investment.


150,00: Government approved bond and shares.

Qualifying Requirements


 The main applicant must be at least 18 years of age to qualify.

 You need to pass the Maltese government’s “fit and proper” test.

 You will need a licensed agent to guide you through the process of becoming a Maltese citizen through investment.

 Show proof, and authentic source of funds.


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