Global Citizenship

What is Global Citizenship?


Global Citizenship is a concept which confers a large number of ‘additional’ rights and opens up a whole host of avenues for an individual which were not available to him/her if he/she holds the citizenship of just one nation.

When an individual acquires the citizenship of a second country other than his/her ‘natural’ one with a view to enhance his reach, both, in terms of making physical borders redundant or less of a hindrance and also to connect with a wider, more diverse world community, he/she is said to be a global citizen.

This is not just some cool status symbol to flaunt among the rich and wealthy of this world.  In fact, it is a portal to a new world, full of possibilities and opportunity for the ones who choose to invest in pursuing the only dream worth pursuing – unadulterated bliss and pure happiness for one’s family and loved ones.

Why Global Citizenship?


‘Think Global, Act Local’ is a business mantra that has worked wonders for many  entrepreneurs around the world. But this philosophy has its limits – you may become a roaring success in your field, but you are an unknown phenomenon outside ‘your local market’. Be a part of our ‘Global citizenship by investment program’ and call any corner of the world your home. Glocalize your business across the globe while providing your family with the best lifestyle money can buy. 

Most nations have framed laws that allow their citizens to concurrently hold a passport of another country than ‘their own’. This perfectly legal arrangement grants an enterprising citizen of a particular country a decisive advantage in terms of mobility and ease of access to the rest of the world. ‘Visa free travel’ to an ever-increasing list of countries is the most easily visible advantage of acquiring a second passport that is more travel friendly than the one you currently hold. But that is just the icing on the cake.

Global citizenship opens up avenues for personal growth that were as yet unheard of. A passport significantly cuts short the governmental and regulatory red tape associated with setting up a new business in that particular country and scaling it up to match its potential. A global citizen gains an entryway to better and cheaper healthcare for himself and his family. He ensures that his children gain a true world-view via improved educational facilities that broaden their mind’s landscape. All in all, a global citizenship confers on its holder the perfectly symbiotic environment to flourish in the true sense of the word.

Benefits Of Becoming A Global Citizen.

  1. Freedom to travel and work: A global citizen can avail a path to become a world leader in their business or a globe-trotter in the true sense of the word.
  2. Access to world class education: A global citizen program gives you a chance to experience the freedom to live, work and study in the best locales of the world with top educational institutes and uninhibited potential for growth.
  3. Access to state of  the art healthcare: If you become a global citizen, these countries offers you the best healthcare facilities and a lifestyle that prioritizes peace of mind.
  4. Future with safety, prosperity and full of opportunities: Assures your family and children that by opting for residency/citizenship by investment, you are not just craving for an upcoming trend or a status symbol, albeit building a safer and brighter future for them.
  5. Diversification of investment:  Minimizing risk of loss – if one investment performs poorly over a certain period, other investments may perform better over that same period, reducing the potential losses of your investment portfolio. There will be options for investing into 100% buyback options as well.