Becoming a resident of Cyprus gives you access to the European Union better than traditional ways of citizenship. You become a part of the dream destination in Europe; a destination that offers exotic beaches, a rich and diverse culture, and a stunning lifestyle.

Why Cyprus Residency?


The Cyprus passport by investment provides a plethora of benefits, including:

 Access to the European Union.

 Freedom to live and work in anywhere in Cyprus.

 Incentives and tax subsidies for home buyers.

 One of the lowest crime rates in the EU.

 Easy visa-free travel to 162 countries.


Investment Options


  Property acquisition


Qualifying Requirements


To qualify as a resident, prospects must:

 Purchase property of €300,000 in Cyprus.

 Have no criminal record.

 Confirmation letter from a Cyprus bank for a minimum €30,000 deposit.

 Have an annual income of €30,000 from abroad.


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