Turkey Citizenship by Investment: The Perfect Immigration Choice

Turkey citizenship by investment program was launched in 2016. Since then, it has become one of the most popular methods to obtain a second passport. Statistics suggest that more than 800 Turkey investment visas are approved every month. Including the spouse children, Turkey has given naturalization to over 20,000 people since the launch of the initiative.

Turkey is a historic and culturally-rich country. It was the preferred tourism destination of over 45.1 million people in 2019. Immigration to Turkey by investment is an opportunity to become a citizen of this sough-after nation. Even during the pandemic, Turkey immigration by investment saw a huge rise as more and more investors started looking for a backup option.

What is Turkey citizenship by investment program?

The citizenship by investment Turkey has to offer is next to none. It is an amazing way for you and your family, if you are an investor, to obtain citizenship in this country that stands as a bridge between Europe and Asia.

Turkey citizenship by investment is the RCBI program of Turkey. By investing just $250,000 in real-estate or as a bank deposit, you and your family of four members can become citizens of the country. It is one of the low-cost citizenship by investment programs. The initial cost was $1 million but was reduced to $250,000 in September 2018. Since then, there has been a steady rise in the number of applications for Turkey’s citizenship.

Turkey brings in nearly $3 billion in the economy through the second citizenship by investment program it offers. No other country’s RCBI program comes even close to Turkey.

Benefits of Turkey permanent residency by investment

The crystal clear waters, tall mountains, idyllic villages, and substantial cosmopolitan cities make Turkey the perfect place for immigration. If you want to upgrade your lifestyle and experience the best of history and culture, then you should apply for citizenship by investment Turkey has to offer.

Here are a few benefits of obtaining second citizenship by investment in Turkey – 

  • Visa-free travel

    If you or your family loves to travel, then Turkey is an amazing place to immigrate. By obtaining  citizenship in the country, you can travel visa-free to 116+ destinations, including Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan. You will also get visa-on-arrival access in some of the major countries in the world. Turkey has a powerful passport, and the immigration by investment program is a fantastic way to achieve that.

  • Live in a global hub

    Turkey is a global economic, fine-dine, lifestyle, and business hub. It is a transcontinental Eurasian country that provides a healthy political and social climate for families to thrive. Investors can avail multiple opportunities with the help of Turkey permanent residency by investment. Since the program includes four family members, you can ensure an opportunistic lifestyle for everyone, including your children.

  • A beautiful country

    Turkey is a beautiful country with Mediterranean weather, appealing landscapes, and offers a relaxed lifestyle to everyone. You can retire peacefully in the country and bask in the beauty of the nation and get closer to nature. Located within easy reach of Europe and Asia, you can travel quickly to another country and experience the natural beauty of that nation as well. Overall, Turkey offers a smooth living experience with a high-quality lifestyle.

  • Dual citizenship

    While India doesn’t provide dual citizenship at this moment, Turkey enables you and your family to have dual citizenship. It will benefit you directly as you can maintain your Turkey citizenship when you become a US citizen (keep reading to know how to do that). It might be possible that India accepts dual citizenship in the future, and you will have your Turkey citizenship with you to avail of the benefit.

  • Return on investment

    The Turkey investment visa justifies itself by providing a good enough return on investment. The business and investment market is booming in Turkey. Investors are exploring the country to maximize their returns. You can invest in real estate or start a business in Turkey and generate income for you and your family. Also, a lot of MNCs are entering the country, offering great opportunities for multiplying your wealth.

Access the USA with Turkey Citizenship by Investment program

One of the biggest benefits of Turkey citizenship is that you can access the US without any hassle. Turkey has an E-2 investor visa treaty with the US. Under the treaty, Turkey citizens can get a US visa in just 4 months by starting a business or investing in an existing one.

Amidst the US immigration restrictions, a Turkey investor visa is an excellent way to migrate to the states. You can renew the visa after 5 years and stay in the country to fulfill your dreams. The US migration process takes only a couple of months, allowing you and your family to get a quick US visa.

The process of obtaining Turkey permanent residency by investment takes around 8 to 12 months. If you apply this year, you can migrate to the country next year and enjoy the vibrant and archaic lifestyle of the country. It would be a fantastic lifestyle upgrade for your family. 

Hire the experts for Turkey second citizenship by investment

Knowing where to begin for obtaining a Turkey investment visa can be a challenge. You might be scared about the formalities and the timeframe. However, don’t worry – My Global Citizenship™ has got you covered.

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