Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment: 5 reasons to get it

2020 has been tiring for everyone. The stress that comes with the pandemic is unimaginable. In such a situation, you need a place where you can unwind and live peacefully. Saint Lucia citizenship by investment is your passport to rejuvenate your lifestyle. If your family loves travelling to beautiful destinations across the globe, imagine their happiness when living in such a place.

The government of St. Lucia launched the CBI (citizenship by investment) program in 2016. Since then, hundreds of investors are residing in the country. Saint Lucia citizenship by investment program allows you and your family of four members to migrate to the Eastern Caribbean Island. The beautiful coastline is irresistible to ignore. Most houses offer a beachside view. It is a safe and quiet place to live.

Along with that, Saint Lucia investment citizenship also provides amazing social and economic opportunities. It has an affordable cost of living. St Lucia passport program is your plan B after retirement for a relaxed and peaceful lifestyle.

This article will highlight –

  • different investment options, 

  • timeline to get the passport,

  • benefits of Saint Lucia citizenship, and
  • how to obtain the passport

Saint Lucia citizenship program: Investment options

Currently, the CIP program has a single investment option. You can migrate to Saint Lucia by investing $100,000 in the National Economic Fund. To relocate with your spouse, the investment amount is $140,000.

The best option is to migrate with your family of 4. You can obtain a Saint Lucia second passport for your family by investing $160,000 in the fund. Every additional member will cost an extra $25,000 of investment.

The St Lucia golden visa program allows injecting capital into the economy. Apart from that, the government focuses on giving economic opportunities as well. Real estate is inexpensive compared to many cities in the United States. You can buy a house in Saint Lucia and enjoy capital appreciation.

St Lucia residency by investment

Passport timeline

You can get the Saint Lucia second passport by investment in 4 months. The application process takes only a few months to process. It is one of the quickest immigrant investor programs in the world.

Note that Saint Lucia immigration by investment offers you citizenship. It is different from a residency by investment program in which you have to separately apply for citizenship after a few years. You’ll get the passport at the beginning of your residence as soon as the application approval comes along.

Saint Lucia investment citizenship: 5 key benefits

There are various benefits of Saint Lucia citizenship. Many investors yearn for the opportunity to migrate to the country. The country is stable and safe. It is dripping in luxury and beauty. St Lucia has more to offer than just picturesque beaches – economy, society, and culture are all on the upper side.

Here are the 5 key benefits of the Saint Lucia citizenship program – 

  • Visa-free travel

    Saint Lucia passport by investment offers you and your family visa-free and on-arrival visas to 146+ countries. It includes the entire Schengen Zone as well. You also get the benefits for nations like Hong Kong, Singapore, the UK, the US, and many others. Travellers will love St Lucia golden visa for the perks it offers. It also makes the passport one of the most powerful in the world – better than India. The country accommodates nearly 500,000 tourists every year. It would be an amazing opportunity to live as a citizen and experience tourism in 146+ nations.

  • Live in OECS and CARICOM countries

    By becoming a citizen of Saint Lucia, you are eligible to live in any of the OECS and CARICOM member countries. It includes Antigua & Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, Montserrat, St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. CARICOM member countries include Barbados, Bahamas, Guyana, Jamaica, Haiti, Suriname, and Trinidad & Tobago, among others. It is an excellent way to live in some of the world’s most beautiful destinations. You can enjoy a relaxed lifestyle in one country and then move to another for a change of pace. There’s no hassle involved – St Lucia golden visa allows living in any of the above countries.

  • Tax haven

    Saint Lucia immigration by investment also allows tax savings to investors. The country has minimum to no tax on worldwide income or inherited wealth. The island provides offshore financial services to reduce the tax burden. There are insurance companies, mutual fund companies, and offshore banks that can help with that. St Lucia golden visa offers investors complete confidentiality about their personal details and information about investment. The country’s financial system has never been blacklisted and offers complete safety from international laws. However, to avoid illegal acts, the government follows strict procedures and guidelines for assisting investors in saving tax.

  • Beautiful country

    Saint Lucia second passport by investment is ideal for admirers of natural beauty. If your family dreams of living on a picturesque island with appealing landscapes, Saint Lucia immigration by investment is right for you. The aesthetically appealing coastline is the ideal tourist destination for hundreds and thousands of travellers. The nation also offers amazing beach houses that you can invest in and enjoy value appreciation.

  • Plan B after retirement

    One of the biggest benefits of Saint Lucia citizenship is that it is an excellent Plan B after retirement. You can enjoy a relaxed and peaceful lifestyle along the beautiful shores of St Lucia. It allows you to experience the culture of a country after retirement and live a serene life. You can also earn income through worldwide sources and even save tax. If you are looking for a safe and secure place to be, then the St Lucia passport program is the perfect opportunity for you.

Saint Lucia second passport: how to obtain it?

The process doesn’t take much time. However, there are a few formalities that you have to go through. The first step for obtaining Saint Lucia citizenship by investment involves File preparation and submission. A pre-approval letter is issued. Advisory and due diligence fees are scheduled at this step.

After that, the Government’s Citizenship-by-Investment Unit issues Approved in Principle letter. Then the Investment is made in the selected option. Payment of government fees, if applicable.

The final step is the issuance of the naturalization certificate and the submission of the passport application. In month 4, after filing the application, you will get your Saint Lucia passport.

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