Malta Residency by Investment: Is It Right For Immigration?

Malta is a popular destination for immigration by investment. Apart from being a beautiful country, Malta immigration offers countless benefits to investors and their families. As a Plan B, Malta passport by investment is attracting people from countries across the globe. Having a second passport is becoming a priority for individuals of all kinds and ages in today’s changing world.

A picturesque country located in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, Malta is a country of economic, social, and lifestyle benefits. Malta residency by investment is an ideal option for investors seeking a residence in a vibrant European country.

This article will give you a brief introduction to the Malta investment visa, investment options, residence, and citizenship benefits, and help you in deciding whether it’s the right choice for you or not.

Malta residency by investment: A brief overview

Also known as the Malta Individual Investor Program, the Malta citizenship by investment program enables investors to obtain Maltese citizenship. As an investor, you need to invest in the country, which makes you and your family eligible for a Malta passport by investment.

The program is recognized by the European Citizenship by Investment programs. It gives you access to Europe and is a renowned site for expanding business. Under the Malta investment program, you can either opt for individual Malta immigration or with your family.

Malta investment visa: Investment options

Individual investors and their families can get Malta citizenship by investing €1.15 million in the country. The investment amount is separated into 3 parts – 

  1. You need to donate €675,000 to the country to get residence for you and your spouse. If you are an individual, you need to invest €650,000.

  2. After that, you also need to invest €150,000 in stocks and bonds.

  3. The third investment you need to make is purchasing a property in Malta worth €350,000. 

The investment you will make in Malta will also provide countless benefits. You’ll get your own home, the value of which will multiply in a few years. Your stock and bond investment will give you frequent returns. And finally, the donation you make would be tax-deductible and save you paying huge sums in taxes at the end of the year.

One of the most significant advantages of a Malta investment visa is that the application is processed within 6 months. It means that you will have your Malta passport by investment by the mid of 2021 if you apply for the program this year. The timeline is really quick, and sometimes, the applications get processed much quicker than 6 months.

Malta residency by investment: 5 primary benefits

The Malta residency program offers a plethora of benefits apart from the citizenship of the country. As a citizen, Malta will offer you a vibrant lifestyle, better business opportunities, and much more. Here are 5 primary benefits you’ll receive from the program – 

1. Visa-free travel

If you and your family are a fan of travelling the world, Malta citizenship by investment is your dream come true. The passport gives you visa-free access to 170+ countries. It includes major nations like the US, UK, and Canada. So if you have been planning to take that world tour, Malta immigration can truly drive them in the right direction. Apart from that, you also get an on-arrival visa in a lot of major countries.

2. Schengen residence status

While you are waiting for your Malta passport application to be processed, you can get Schengen residence status for 1 year prior to the passport being issued to you. It means that you can live in Schengen countries like Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, and many more for a year. So if you have always wanted to experience that European lifestyle, then applying for Malta immigration by investment program is the right choice.

3. Strategic location

Malta citizenship by investment gives you access to all the resources you need to grow your business. It is a strategic location located in the Mediterranean sea. All the world’s major countries that are involved in the trade are only 2 to 3 hours flight away from Malta. You can easily expand business in the country, frequently visit the developed economies, and get more returns on your investment in Malta. The Maltese real estate market is booming, allowing you to get your money back in a short period of time.

4. Safety & security

Malta is one of the safest and most secure countries in the world. You don’t have to worry about the safety of your family. The crime rate is really low in the country as the economy is booming, and people are aware of contributing their fair share to its growth. Being an international business hub, it has a world-class judicial system to secure your finances.

5. Lifestyle upgrade

Living in Malta is a lifestyle upgrade for your entire family. First of all, you’ll get peace of mind by moving to a relaxed, peaceful, and beautiful country in the Mediterranean sea. Your children will get access to a good education, which is almost free for Maltese citizens. There is world-class healthcare, and you can easily access the European Union without any hassle. You will enjoy all the benefits of being a global citizen.

Conclusion: Malta citizenship by investment is suitable for your family’s future

Malta is the smallest EU member state. So by getting Malta citizenship, you will automatically become a European citizen. It allows you to travel, live, and work freely anywhere in Europe without any hassle. You’ll get access to the high-quality education, healthcare, and business opportunities that Europe has to offer.

Since India doesn’t offer dual citizenship at this moment, you’ll have to surrender your Indian citizenship when you get a Malta passport by investment. However, it is an investment in the future as Malta offers tremendous opportunities for you and your family to grow. 

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