L1A to EB1C: is it the Quickest Green Card Option?

A US green card is a dream of temporary residents. The ultimate goal of every US immigrant is to obtain a green card and become a permanent resident of the country. After that, US citizenship follows in some time. However, acquiring a PR in the US is difficult. But there are multiple ways, like the L1A to EB1C green card program, that can get you and your family a green card without any hassle.

The L1A to EB1C success rate is increasing as the US government invites more capital into the country. Transitioning from the L1A visa to green card is affordable and straightforward. On top of that, you also get infinite advantages and opportunities by moving to the US. From healthcare and education to build a better life for your future generation, everything awaits you.

But is it the fastest way to obtain a US green card? Many people have to wait years before obtaining their permanent residency in the US. Some go through the route of L1B to L1A to EB1C to acquire their green card. However, the L1A to EB1C green card way is the direct route to achieve your dream of a US residency.

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How does the US L1A Visa to Green Card Help You?

The L1A visa enables business owners, managers, and executives to transfer from their company to a newly acquired US business. They can work in the same position at the US entity to avail the benefits of the L1A visa.

The L1A visa to green card is the natural transition for many people who wish to obtain a green card in the US. By filing for the Adjustment of Status (AOS), the employee, executive, or manager can transform from the L1A visa to EB1C green card.

The L1A visa is valid for 3 years. After that, the visa holders can apply for an extension of 7 more years. Since it is an employment-based visa category for specialized professionals with expertise and knowledge, business owners who acquire a company in the US can easily migrate as professionals in that entity.

L1A to EB1C also enables business owners to bring their families to the US. The application covers four family members who can live, work, travel freely anywhere in the country. It is an excellent way to ensure your family has a bright future.

What are the Advantages of an L1A Visa to Green Card?

L1A visa EB1 green card is one of the most effective ways to obtain a permanent residency in the country. The L1A visa to green card cost is relatively less than the EB-5 investment visa. The EB1C green card is a promising way to build your business in the US and expand to secure the life of your future generations.

Here are a few benefits that you get from the US green card through an L1A visa: 

  • Wealth multiplication

    The US provides a great opportunity to multiply your wealth and establish a business empire. By investing $500,000 to $1,000,000 in the country through business acquisition, you and your family can obtain a green card without any hassle.

  • Lifestyle benefits

    An L1A visa EB1 green card is a promising way to upgrade your standard of living and achieve a better lifestyle. You can enjoy all the healthcare benefits, educational opportunities, financial options, and much more. You can benefit from the diverse social and economic system of the US.

  • Plan B

    The US is an excellent Plan B to settle after you retire. Therefore, if you move now through acquiring a business, you can easily become a permanent resident by the time you retire. Apart from having a green card in the US, you will also have an established business that your children can take care of.

  • Secure investment

    The L1A visa to green card application is preferred by business owners because it provides a secure investment. The money is protected by the assets and cash flow of the business that you acquire in the US. It also entails that you can generate revenue from these assets and keep your investment safe and sound.

  • Quick return on investment

    You can sell the acquired business in 3 years and get your equity returned. After that, you have multiple opportunities to either start a new business or invest in an existing one. The ROI for L1A visa to green card is relatively high as compared to the EB-5 investment visa program.

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What is the L1A Visa to Green Card Processing Time?

Now the biggest question arises – is the L1A to EB1C the fastest way to obtain a green card? Not necessarily. However, it is one of the quickest ways to get there.

When you go through the route of the L1A visa, you can obtain it within 1 to 3 months. The processing time can be as fast as 15 days if you consider the USCIS premium processing. You won’t have to wait for weeks before you get your L1A visa approved.

After that, you can naturally transition into the EB1C green card. The L1A visa to green card processing time is generally 8 to 14 months, depending on the number of people who applied before you. The application process is one of the fastest ways to get your EB1C green card and migrate to the states as a permanent resident. 

If you are investing $10 million in business acquisition in the US, the L1A to EB1C success rate is near 99%. You are most likely to obtain your green card and move with your family to the US. 

Conclusion: L1A to EB1C Green Card is Fast & Beneficial

Leading L1A visa consultants in India now suggest the route over the EB-5 investment visa to obtain a green card. Since the EB-5 program takes 2.5 to 4 years, more and more investors are now opting for the L1A visa EB1 green card. You can also enjoy the opportunities the visa has to over by applying for it today.

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