Greece Golden Visa Program: Everything you need to know

Have you always wanted to experience the European lifestyle and explore the beauty of countries like France, Germany, Greece, Spain, Portugal, and more? Then the Greece golden visa program is perfect for you.

Today, second residency by investment programs are in high demand amongst Indian investors. They allow them and their families to migrate to more developed countries. However, not all programs are created equal. While some programs may take 24 to 30 months, a few of them offer the opportunity to migrate to the European Union within 3 months.

One such program is the Greece Golden Visa. With islands like Mykonos, Santorini, Zakynthos, and many more, the country is home to some of the most beautiful locations in the world. Along with that, it is cheaper to live in Greece and enjoy the European lifestyle than other mainstream countries like France and Spain.

In this article, you will learn about the Greece Investor visa, its minimum investment, benefits, and how you can apply for residency in Greece. You can then hire India’s trusted residence and citizenship planner and immigrate to Europe without any hassle.

What is the Greece Golden Visa program?

Launched in 2013, the Greece residency by investment program enables investors to migrate to the country by investing in Greece. The nation has always been a desirable place for tourists, and now the investors can live there as permanent residents. It is a strategic business location for global businesses, and investors can reap these benefits by moving with the investment visa. 

What is the minimum investment for the Greece investor visa?

You don’t have to worry about spending millions to get a Greece residency. The country offers one of the cheapest residency and citizenship by investment program for just €250,000. You have to invest the amount in acquiring property anywhere in Greece that comes under the purview of this program. It includes your family of four members, all covered the same amount and in a single application.

You would have to pay taxes and a nominal fee to your Greece visa consultant, which would bring the amount to approximately €300,000. It is cheaper than Portugal, Spain, and other countries that offer programs ranging between €500,000 to €1 million.

What are the benefits of the golden visa program for Greece?

Whether you want to experience the healthy and high-quality lifestyle of Greece or capitalize on the economic benefits it offers, there are several reasons for moving to Greece. Its capital, Athens, is popular around the globe for the ancient culture and the history it holds. Here are a few benefits of the Greek golden visa program for you and your family – 

  • Visa-free travel

    If you have always dreamt of traveling to Europe and see the beauty that lies within its historic cities, then the Greece investment visa will fulfill that dream. It allows you to travel visa-free within the Schengen Zone, which includes countries like France, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, and many more. It is where most of Europe is happening, and you can experience all of that as a permanent resident.
  • Quick residency permit

    One of the best things about Greece second residency by investment program is that it takes only 2 months to process the application and get your residence permit. You have to purchase the property in Greece in the first month, verify it, and prepare for the residence permit. In the second month, you will provide the documentation, biometric details and receive your residence permit without any hassle.
  • Live and work freely

    You and your family can live and work freely anywhere in the nation with the Greece investment visa. As a resident, you are allowed to live in all the Greek islands as well and enjoy the beauty firsthand. It is a fantastic country to immigrate after retirement and achieve peace of mind by getting closer to nature. There are no restrictions for your movement within Greece as you will become a resident who has all the rights.
  • Education, healthcare, and lifestyle

    Greece offers universal healthcare to its citizens, which is affordable and gives you access to all the best doctors in the country. With the golden visa program for Greece, your children can avail of the world-class education system of the European Union. As EU residents, they can study anywhere in Europe. On top of that, Greece offers a much higher quality of life than Indian cities. You will enjoy the pollution-free atmosphere, welcoming natives, and the vibrant culture that is the heart and soul of Europe.
  • European citizenship

    A significant benefit of Greece residence by investment program is that it opens the path to European citizenship for you and your family. In just 7 years, you will become a European citizen and enjoy living as a native in the country. It will give you much more freedom of movement. Other than that, you can also access the US and other countries due to the harmonious relations between these countries.

How to apply for Greece citizenship by investment?

You cannot apply directly to Greece citizenship. You and your family can obtain Greece residency by investment and then move on to become citizens of the European Union.

The first step is to hire a leading residence and citizenship planning company like My Global Citizenship™ that will take care of the entire process for you. You won’t have to worry about the documentation or the formalities when you take assistance from our experts.

The second step is to travel to Greece with a Type “D” Travel visa. During your stay, you will receive a tax number along with your bank account, transfer of funds, viewing properties, and signing PoA.

After that, you’ll have to finalize and purchase the property in the desired region. You will have to prepare for the residency permit application and then formalize the documents. At this stage, you will have to pay the fees involved in the process.

The final step is to submit the biometric data of you and your family. After that, you will receive your residence permit. The entire process takes 2 months.

When you hire My Global Citizenship™, the entire process becomes simpler. Contact us today for an online consultation.