Frequently Asked Questions about EB-5 Investor Visa

The EB-5 investor visa program enables investors and the families to migrate to the US. It is one of the most popular alternatives to the traditional route of US immigration. The EB-5 investor visa USA provides quick green cards to investors without waiting online for years. Why is the EB-5 investor visa so popular? 

The primary reason could be twofold. One is that it provides access to the high-quality lifestyle of the US. Second is the multiple investment opportunities, access to healthcare and education, and freedom of global movement. In recent years, there has been a high demand for EB 5 visas from India. HNIs and UHNIs are moving to the states to give their family e and next-generation short at a wonderful lifestyle. 

But there is often confusion regarding the EB 5 investor visa USA. Investors have a lot of questions regarding the program. Since a massive investment is involved, it is crucial to get answers to all the questions. This article provides the most common FQAs that we come across from investors who want to apply for the EB-5 investment visa program. 

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Top 5 Eb-5 Investor Visa FAQs 

1) How long does the EB-5 investment visa take for processing?

The time duration depends on the visa backlog and the demand for an EB-5 immigrant investor visa in a particular year. Generally, the EB-5 investor visa processing time is around 48-60 months to get your legal permanent residency. You and your family of four members will get permanent residency and a green card. It is much better than the traditional route, which may take around 10 to 12 years for obtaining a green card. 

2) Can I take a loan for the EB 5 visa from India?

Yes. It is possible to take the loan to explore the EB-5 visa investment opportunities. You need to take a loan from an authorized financial institution in the country. You have to submit collateral in the form of your assets. Since you will take it alone, you will have no problem in showcasing the legal source of funds to the USCIS. However, you need to meet the minimum net worth requirements for the program. 

3) What is the investment amount of an EB-5 visa?

The minimum investment amount for the EB-5 investor visa program is $900,000 when you invested in a Targeted Employment Area. If you want to invest in a Non-Targeted Employment Area, the minimum investment amount is $1.8 million. The entire amount covers investors and their family of four members. The investment needs to be either direct investment or indirect investment.

4) Do banks provide loans for the EB-5 visa investment program?

It is likely that you can provide your assets as collateral then the bank can provide a loan for the EB-5 US investment visa. You need to provide the right documentation and information about your assets so that your loan application is approved. Once you receive the funds and show a legal source, your EB-5 investment visa application can be approved.

5) What is the eligibility criteria for an EB-5 visa from India?

EB-5 visa investment requirements include a minimum investment of USD 900,000 in an authorized EB-5 investment project. You should showcase legal proof of funds and assets. You should not have any criminal records. People under 21 years of age are not allowed to be the main applicant for the EB-5 investor visa. Investors must create 10 full-time jobs through their investment to qualify for the program.

6) Is my family eligible for the EB-5 visa application?

Yes. The EB-5 investor USA includes your family of four members. It includes your spouse/husband and two children who are below the age of 21 years. They are covered under the same application and get green cards along with you. Your family can live, work, and travel freely anywhere in the country as a permanent resident after they receive their green card.

7) What are the alternatives to the EB-5 investment visa program?

There is another alternative to the EB-5 USA investor visa program – the L1A to EB1C visa. Under this visa, investors can invest in an existing business and acquire it to get the EB1C visa and migrate as a top level executive. It is one of the quickest and best ways to achieve the green card – investors can get their permanent residency in 8 to 14 months from the date of application.

8) Is it the right time to invest in the EB-5 visa from India?

Most probably, yes. The government will introduce major changes in the EB-5 investor visa program in 2022. Until then, you have the opportunity to invest in the program under lenient regulation. This year, due to the pandemic, there are 18,567 visas instead of the usual 10,000 visas per year because of the unused visas last year. Therefore, you have better chances of getting your visa approved than any other year.

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Bottom Line

The EB-5 investment visa is the biggest investment immigration program in the world. It gives you access to one of the most powerful economies in the world. The US green card is the dream for many Indians living in or outside the US. With the EB-5 investor visa program, things become easier for you.

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