Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment: Why should you get it?

Antigua & Barbuda is a beautiful Caribbean island that boasts of having millions of travellers every year. The tropical climate and international mix of citizens make it a great place to reside. In light of recent events, Antigua & Barbuda citizenship by investment has gained much popularity amongst investors. You can also move to the beautiful and exotic country by applying for Antigua citizenship for Indian.

There are limited traditional ways to obtain an Antigua & Barbuda work visa and citizenship. Most people consider the country as a destination to relax, retire, and live peacefully. However, the vibrance of the nation also attracts hundreds of applications for Antigua & Barbuda passports every year. The Antigua & Barbuda immigration by investment program is becoming a top choice as it easily allows investors to migrate to the country.

In this article, we will have a brief introduction to the Antigua & Barbuda citizenship by investment program, minimum investment amount, Antigua & Barbuda citizenship benefits, and how you can obtain second citizenship in the country.

Antigua & Barbuda citizenship by investment: What is it?

Antigua & Barbuda investment visa is the Citizenship by Investment program started by the government to inject more money in the economy. You can invest a certain amount in the island and obtain citizenship for yourself and your family of 4 members. The process of the Antigua & Barbuda citizenship program is hassle-free, which makes it perfect for investors looking to quickly migrate to the nation. Antigua & Barbuda is known for its amazing beaches, laid-back lifestyle, diverse cultural landscape, and a relaxed pace that receives the admiration of people across the globe.

Antigua & Barbuda Immigration by Investment: Minimum investment

There are currently 2 options to obtain the Antigua & Barbuda investment visa. Both of them are pretty easy, and you don’t have to go through a lot of hassle to obtain the visa. Here are the two investment options for obtaining second citizenship in the country – 

  • You can invest USD 100,000 in the National Development Fund Contribution, which will get you a passport for a family of four members, including you.


  • You can invest USD 400,000 in pre-approved property acquisition, which will get your and your family an Antigua & Barbuda passport, along with a residential property that you can sell later and reap your profits.

If you plan to stay in the country, the second option is perfect for you. You and your family can move into a house on the island and spend your life peacefully without the hustle and bustle of city life.

Antigua & Barbuda citizenship benefits for investors

A citizenship in the beautiful Caribbean island comes with a set of benefits. You can apply for citizenship by investment and enjoy all the advantages of the nation –

  • Visa-free travel

    As soon as you become an Antigua & Barbuda citizen, you can travel visa-free to 130+ countries of the world. If you and your family are a fan of travelling, then Antigua & Barbuda immigration visa is perfect for you. You can travel to countries like the UK, Hongkong, Singapore, and get visa-on-arrival access in several countries. It is one of the safest and perfect ways to fulfill your dream of travelling the world at a lower cost.

  • Fast processing time

    All the other CIP programs of the world take more than 12 months to process – some even take a couple of years. Antigua & Barbuda investment program takes only 4 months to process. You can become a citizen of the nation in the next year if you apply today. Faster processing time also means that you can move there quickly and get more time to settle on the island.

  • Tax haven

    One of the biggest Antigua & Barbuda citizenship benefits is that it is a tax haven for investors. There’s no estate tax on the property you own in the country. It is a massive advantage if you wish to invest in the pre-approved property acquisition investment option. Apart from that, there’s no tax on worldwide capital gains and income. So you can easily build your empire in the country without having to pay heavy taxes on your income.

  • Relaxed lifestyle

    A plethora of investors prefer the Antigua & Barbuda citizenship by investment to enjoy the relaxed lifestyle and bask in the amazing climate. People are extremely welcoming and friendly towards immigrants. It is an excellent Plan B for retirement and spending your days in peace. The climate never gets too cold or too warm – because it is a tropical island. You can also travel to different Caribbean islands and experience the lifestyle of that nation.

  • Dual citizenship

    Antigua citizenship for Indian comes with the benefit of dual citizenship. While India doesn’t allow dual citizenship at the moment, you can apply for citizenships of more developed nations like the US, the UK, Germany and others – while still keeping your Antigua & Barbuda citizenship Dual citizenship allows you to keep one country as a safer option, in case there’s some turmoil in one nation, and you want to live peacefully in the other.

Antigua and Barbuda Investment program: Timeline and process

The processing time for Antigua & Barbuda citizenship is much faster than those of the other programs. You can get citizenship in just 4 months from the date of application. It is similar to that of Grenada and Montenegro citizenship by investment.

The process is also really simple. In the first month, you have to file the preparation and submission. At this stage, you have to pay the advisory and due diligence fees.

In month two, you have to submit the citizenship file. In month three, you will make the investment in the Government approved property or invest in the National Development Fund Contribution.

In month four, you will receive your naturalization certificate, and your passport will be issued to you and your family. You will officially become citizens of Antigua & Barbuda.

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