The Essential Guide To Getting A Canada Investor Visa

Canada is the place to be. Every American silently dreams of moving to the Great White North and enjoying the Canadian lifestyle and the socialist system. Canadian citizenship is a goal for many people across the globe as it offers opportunities that can be found nowhere else. There are simple ways to get to the country, but the most profitable is to get a Canada residency by investment. Immigrating to Canada is something that can be challenging, but with the right amount of planning, the route of investment can be an excellent way to step into the country.

Why Go For Canada Citizenship By Investment?

Canada boasts of low living costs and low taxes. It offers various benefits to investors who come through the route of Canada investor visa.

  1. Canada is well known for the quality of life it offers to the residents. It is better in terms of life satisfaction, community, work-life balance, and offers a cooler living environment. Education in Canada is one of the best in the world, and its healthcare system provides free and affordable care to every resident.
  2. 60% of Canadians speak English, and almost all of them understand it. Language skills are a common requirement, and those with a good command over English can avail benefits of the Canada investor visa.
  3. Universal healthcare makes Canada one of the popular destinations for migrants. It is a strong selling point for the Canadian residency by investment program as some of the world’s best doctors and healthcare facilities are in the country.

How To Get A Canada Citizenship By Investment?

Canadian citizenship can be attained by following the regular procedure for investors – permanent residency – naturalization – citizenship application & test – citizenship ceremony. To get this, the first stage is the Canada residency by Investment:

  1. Each year, Canada becomes home to hundreds of investors. The Quebec immigration program for investors enables investors to get residency by investing $1.2 million in government-controlled investments for a period of 5 years.
  2. Investors must have a net worth of at least $2 million for living in the Quebec region. After a period of 3 years with the Canada investment visa, they become eligible to apply for citizenship in the great white north.
  3. The Quebec investor immigration program enables investors and their families. It is a better option because the investment will be returned to them after 5 years.

The Quebec Investor Immigration program is an excellent way to immigrate to Canada. The housing prices are low, and access to economic opportunities are countless. If you’re looking to migrate to Canada with the Quebec Investor Immigration program, we can help. My Global Citizenship™ is a leading immigration investment company enabling investors to make their move to Canada. Contact us today

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