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  • Canada Residency by Investment

    Canada Residency by Investment: Why is it the best way to get Canada PR?

    Canada PR by investment provides you with a permanent residency in the country just by investing a minimum amount. It is the best way because you can get ultimate freedom to do anything you want in Canada. Except for the right to vote, you get access to all the rights of a Canadian citizen.

  • Portugal Residency by Investment

    Portugal Residency by Investment: The program for European Citizenship

    European citizenship is a dream for many Indians. Once you visit the vibrant continent, you can’t stop yourself from thinking about moving there. The culturally-rich lifestyle, excited & welcoming people, and the brilliance of nature – all attract people to migrate to Europe. With the Portugal residency by investment, you can transform that dream into a reality.

  • Canada Residency by Investment

    Canada Residency by Investment: immigration and opportunities

    Canada immigration visa is the new focus for investors across the globe. With the world moving towards better opportunities to tackle the pandemic, Canada investor visa is emerging as a strong contender for global citizenship.