My Global Citizenship™ promotes the acquisition of residency, immigration, and citizenship through investment. We make what looks like an expensive and difficult alternative, inexpensive, and uncomplicated.

In an increasingly competitive and unpredictable environment, investment for second residency and citizenship has seen an increase in demand. Today dual citizenship has become a major plus for many high net worth families.


Creating strong customer relationships by consistently meeting expectations for a first-class, customized advisory experience that simplifies uncertainty and produces successful results. We strive to use all available resources meticulously and to develop new methods that allow us to provide our diverse clientele with an exquisite suite of high-end services.

My Global Citizenship™ - Global Citizenship by Investment


To be widely recognized as a leading immigration advisory company offering professional advice and organizational guidance to motivate individuals, families, and partners in the challenging process of becoming productive global citizens. We empower global citizenship and wish to bring industry standards to a higher level by involving all stakeholders involved. 

Why choose us?

Our approach at My Global Citizenship™ is methodical and pragmatic, always aiming to achieve the best result for all our customers. As experts in immigration consulting and investment property acquisition, it is our mission to ensure that our clients get their visa fast and as easily as possible.

Our methodology is robust and methodical. As experienced professionals, we know the routes and processes that must be followed to produce a fast, positive outcome.

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Our Strength, Our Team




Arindam has more than 15 years of work experience in the field of investment management and has experience in investing in Indian as well as global equities. He has worked with companies like Reliance Group, Erstwhile Reliance Mutual fund, Bendheim Centre of Finance (Princeton University) and Erstwhile GE plastics. The opportunity of studying abroad in the US as a young 17-year-old undergrad, was instrumental in shaping him today. Arindam is a firm believer in expanding one’s horizons and leading multicultural businesses worldwide to do the same.



Compliance & Investment Advisor

Ankit is a qualified Indian chartered accountant. He leads the compliance department for Disrupt Consulting Pvt Ltd globally. He has been instrumental in the company’s growth, bringing his regional finance and investment advisory experience to the team. Previously, Mr. Bhandari founded and led an international business strategy and marketing consultancy from Dubai. He also served as an auditor for a mid-sized risk management and internal audit firm.




Dhananjay is a qualified engineer with masters in international business management. He is a successful businessman in the field of immigration via investment. He has successfully closed over US$ 15+ million of business. Also he has a vast experience in working across the globe as an entrepreneur over different projects. His exceptional vision for the company helps him creating, planning, implementing, and integrating the strategic direction of our organization which includes the overall responsibility for all components and departments of a business.



Head – Marketing & Communications

Anuja is an experienced marketing communications professional with the right training and accreditation who deliver materials to reach customers through various communication methods. She has a track record in researching the market, analyzing trends to help define the organization’s marketing strategy, and providing advice as to how to best reach the target market. She has great communication and project management skills, and an ability to analyze data and identify trends.



Manager – Business Development

Vinay is an expert professional, having over a decade of experience in business development, customer relationship & customer retention. Skilled in investment and non-investment programs for permanent residency and citizenship. He is well equipped with RBI norms with regard to EXIM,FDI and LRS transactions.



Manager- Accounts & Operations

Setu is largely focused on the documentation pertaining to the immigrant investor programs and operations of the company. He is a professional with years of significant expertise in accounts and backend operations. He assists in filing HNI applications for various immigration programs. He brings in rich experience from leading companies, where he was a part of the credit monitoring team. He also helps in implementing all the administrative policies and regulations pertaining to the immigrant investors and is an integral part of the documentation process. He plays a role in liasioning and developing external relationships with all the bankers and stakeholders to keep the operations running smoothly. He performs periodic reviews to check adherence with internal policies and procedures to evaluate compliance with regulatory requirements and standards.

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  • Mr. Sushil M

    MGC stood out to us because of its commitment to the highest standard of ethics and its transparency. Compared to many other firms we researched, MGC had the greatest amount of expertise – both from an angle of real estate and US immigration. We can’t thank them enough for their tireless effort!

  • Mr. Rohan S

    MGC understands that compounding wealth comes from net returns, and more importantly how to earn those returns. The USD denominated interest payments from the investment allowed my client to quickly grow their wealth and diversify their portfolio away from volatility

  • Mr. Raj p

    MGC helped me understand the value of protecting and diversifying my assets. Their investment strategies make it easier to earn more consistent returns with the security of cash flow. An additional advantage to my portfolio was earning yields in USD, which helps protect against depreciation of the INR. I would highly recommend their strategies to anyone looking for upside protection.

  • Mr. James S

    With the help of MGC. my family and I were able to secure the EB-5 visa, which, in turn, gave my daughter access to some of the best universities in the world. We chose MGC because of their reliability and dedication to making the immigration process as smooth as possible.

  • Mr. Deepak K

    I considered many traditional EB-5 projects before we stumbled upon the FD+ Green Card program by MGC. Upon researching and speaking to members of the team, I realized that through the FD+ Green Card route, I could not only secure my family’s future abroad but also afford that future with the income from the returns of the FD+ Green Card strategy. Highly recommended!

  • Mr. Ansen Z

    MGC gave me a lot of confidence throughout the EB-5 process. The firm’s background, experience, and support were exceptional. Not only did they make the entire process hassle-free, but they also provided a level of detail that many others in the industry do not.

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