Your Aspiration, our Action Plan

Our Mission


We dedicate ourselves to not only show the way but to build the path itself that transforms the aspirations of our clients for a new, better enriched life for themselves and their families to a reality via our individually tailored and goal-specific action plans.

Our Vision


A world where its inhabitants are aware of and free to select any one among the multitude of choices they have vis-a-vis where and how they can build a safe and secure future for themselves and their families with true access to resources that make life worth living. 

What We Do


My Global Citizenship™  are the pioneering consulting firm for reliable advice and credible action on all issues concerning Immigration planning, Residency guidance and Citizenship planning via investments.  We are not just a bunch of Citizenship or Immigration Advisors that promise you work permits and long-term visas abroad.  We go two steps beyond immigration.  We are a worldwide network of experienced and dedicated professionals who work relentlessly to fulfil the aspirations of our clients – not just to exist but to enjoy an upscale lifestyle, be part of a community driven by peace and pleasure, a neighborhood that is more concerned about health rather than profits and a land which offers the next generation ample scope to develop and flourish.

We stay with you every step of the way.  We understand your current lifestyle, your expectations from the future that you are setting up for your family as well as your long term financial outlook.  Accordingly, we suggest the best location for you and your loved ones.  Immigration by Investment or acquiring Citizenship by the same means is a very complex process.  Simplifying these complex procedures and reading the fine print is our forte.  You just need to commit to a better future for yourself and your family.  Leave the dotting of the `i`s and crossing of the `t`s to us. 

Speak with our experts if you are thinking of leading more fulfilling lives in Portugal, Canada, USA, UK, Singapore, Malta, Cyprus, Grenada and Montenegro.  

Leadership Team


Mr. Ankit Bhandari

Founder & Director

Ankit Bhandari leads business operations for Disrupt Consulting Pvt Ltd globally, He has been instrumental in the company’s growth, bringing his regional finance and investment advisory experience to the team. Previously, Mr. Bhandari founded and led an international business strategy and marketing consultancy from Dubai. He also served as an auditor for a mid-sized risk management and internal audit firm. Mr. Bhandari is a qualified Indian chartered accountant.


Mr. Arindam Sengupta

Founder & Director

Arindam Sengupta has achieved success in investment management for over a decade. He has successfully closed over US$ 300 Million private placement transactions and manages an equities portfolio of US $150 Million. Previously, Mr. Sengupta worked in the office of the Chairman at Reliance Capital Asset Management. Previously, he has also worked in investment management at Citadel.


Ms. Anuja Shekhawat

Head – Marketing & Communications

Anuja Shekhawat is an experienced marketing communication professional with the right training and accreditation who deliver materials to reach customers through various communication methods. She has a track record in researching the market, analyzing trends to help define the organization’s marketing strategy, and providing advice as to how to best reach the target market. She has a great communication and project management skills, and an ability to analyze data and identify trends.


Mr. Dhananjaysinh Chudasama


Dhananjaysinh is successful businessman in the field of immigration via investment. He has successfully closed over US$ 15+ Million of business. Also he had vast experience working across globe as an entrepreneur over different projects. Mr. Chudasama is qualified engineer with masters in international business management.

Mr. Rushabh Vora

Head – Compliance & Operations

Rushabh Vora is largely focused on the documentation pertaining to the immigrant investor programs and operations of the Company. He has previously assisted over 20+ families with their Source of Funds documentation as a part of their EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program. He brings in his rich experience with a leading bank where he was a part of the Credit Monitoring Team.